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Appearance            Homogenous, finely dispersed paste made
                                     exclusively from hazelnut kernels, no added oils,
                                     fats and other flavoring agents

Taste and smell      A taste and smell characteristic for roasted hazelnut
                                     kernels; no foreign taste and smell

Color                         Varies from cream-white to brown color, depending
                                     on degree of roasting

Texture                     Homogenous and fluent

Moisture level         2.5 (%, max.)

Packaging, Storage & Shelf life

Plastic barrels with the capacity of 200 – 230 kg.

Stored in packed form in clear and dry warehouses with the relative humidity level of air not exceeding 65-70% and at temperature 4-8 °C

Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months if stored under specified storage conditions

Plastic barrel

Natural Kernels

Blanched Kernels

Roasted Kernels

Roasted and chopped Kernels

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