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The company owns more than 1,500 hectares of hazelnut orchards, 94 hectares of which have been dedicated towards the establishment of a new hazelnut nursery.  We strive to make a significant contribution to the economic well-being of the famous hazelnut region of Zagatala by supplying local farmers with young hazelnut trees.


Moreover, we have created an educational and training center for young hazelnut farmers. The main activities of the center are providing all the necessary information to new growers with no agricultural experience, to instruct with timely application of fertilizers and herbicides, planting schemes, pruning, irrigation and pest management.


With the hazelnuts coming directly from our orchards we ensure 100% traceability of our products and meet all the requirements of the international market.


Using drip irrigation allows for the optimisation and uniformization of the nuts produced, prevents trees from drying out, increases nut yield and safeguards the harvest from the water stress. 

Our team uses modern, more intensive approach to hazelnut cultivation, and that increases the yield twice comparing to traditional methods of cultivation.




Ata-Baba Hazelnut is a variety with an excellent taste. Their superior quality, size ranges, high protein and fat levels make them stand out as a premium variety among others. The shell of this variety is thicker and more protective. Ata Baba hazelnuts are famous for high resistance to diseases, low incidence of mold and cultivation without any chemicals involved.

This variety of hazelnuts constitutes the majority of our exports and is characterized by 65% fat content, which gives the nut a very sweet and buttery flavor. Ata-Baba variety is light brown colored and has a perfect round shape with a hard shell.

It is an ancient hazelnut cultivar of Azerbajian, meaning “passed on from father to son” in local dialect.

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