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Aqrovest owns a processing facility in Zaqatala equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions purchased from the industry leading companies and specifically designed to meet a wide range of customer specifications.

With the capacity to produce over 7000 tons of hazelnuts throughout the season and 20 tons of hazelnuts daily, our processing facility strives to meet the ever-increasing demand of our prospective customers. The calibers of our products range from 0 mm up to 15mm.

The facility occupies over 13 000 square meters including a climate controlled warehouse with the storage capacity of 2500 tons, processing plant, education and training center and a hotel.

Raw and packaging
materials that are used
in production are
purchased from the
reliable suppliers

Raw hazelnuts are
double checked upon
acceptance as per

Hazelnuts are
checked for
organoleptic, physical,
chemical and

If everything conforms to
specifications hazelnuts
enter our stock and are
allocated with the special
lot number for


The foundation of our corporate philosophy is being able to ensure that the Quality Management System established in our company provides our client with a product built specifically to conform to their high standards. QMS is integral to each step of our production process and operations.

Control measures are performed along the entire production chain from the initial acceptance of raw materials to the transportation control checklist.


Every step of hazelnut process flow requires undivided attention of skilled personnel. For that reason, we are committed to provide all the employees on our production sites with necessary trainings and resources so that they are able to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Our team is continuously working on improvement of our processes to increase business performance and deliver the best product possible.

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